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Iproyal Review Scam or Legit 2022

Iproyal Install App, Share internet, Earn passive income

If you have a fast internet connection, IPRoyal can be an easy way to earn some extra cash online.

It is one of the few sites that will allow you to earn truly passively - you just need to join with the right expectations.

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Option 1 – Sharing your internet connection

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The main source of your earnings on this site will come from sharing your internet connection.

Technically speaking, IPRoyal facilitates proxy services to third-party entities. 

That’s how the site earns and that’s how they can afford to pay you.

You may be wondering what the site will do with your unused bandwidth, so let me give you a few examples of how it will be used.

Some companies will use your unused bandwidth to enhance their testing process to improve their apps so that their users will experience the app content as it was meant to.

Some will use it to gain access to geo-blocked content, while some companies will use it to check whether their ads are running correctly and showing up on the right websites.

Option 2 – Affiliate program

Aside from selling your unused bandwidth, you can also earn by participating in their affiliate program.

An affiliate program (usually called a referral program), is an earning opportunity where you will be able to earn by inviting other people to join the site.

In IPRoyal’s case, as shown in the photo above, you will receive a 10% commission every time your referral will withdraw his/her earnings from the site.

Also, an extra bonus they have recently introduced is that you will get a $1 one-time bonus the first time any person you have referred cash out.

To get referrals, you have to share your affiliate link with people you can to invite.

Once they click the link, it will redirect them to the sign-up page of IPRoyal.

Once they complete the registration process (I will talk about this later), they will now become your referral.

Of course, you need to make sure the people you invite are really interested in earning from this site since you won’t really earn anything if they won’t install and use the IPRoyal’s program.

Option 3 – Paid surveys

The newest earning option IPRoyal Pawns has introduced is to get paid to take surveys.

This is quite unusual for a site where you can earn by sharing your unused internet bandwidth but they have chosen to introduce this nonetheless.

Personally, I always think it is great with more earning options but in this case, it will not be something I will be using as there are so many great paid survey sites that are specialized in that where you can earn more.

How do you get paid ?

As explained earlier, you will earn a certain amount for every gigabyte of bandwidth you sell.

That will be stored in your IPRoyal account balance.

Payment Processor:  Bitcoin, Paypal

Payment Proof

We Will add any payment proof in Payments section

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