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Earn Free Crypto with FireFaucet Reviews

Earn Free crypto with FireFaucet

Levels, Bonuses, Daily Rank Rewards, Instant Payment and much more !

About Firefaucet :

Earn your favorite cryptocurrencies by doing multiple tasks such as filling out Surveys, offerwalls, watching videos and much more! Additional features like achievements, daily bonuses, and a rewarding level system await!

Highest Rates : We offer the highest rates around . Your rates will keep increasing as you use our site and level up !

No Popups : We only show non-intrusive advertisements on our website, and don't display any annoying popups!

Open your Free account At

Daily Ranking

The more you use our site, the higher your daily rank will increase. We reward the top 20 users every day with huge rewards!

Level System

Each task you complete, you get EXP, which levels you up. With each new level your bonus increases, ontop of the gift you earn for reaching a new level!

Referral System

Refer your friends and family to earn even more with our generous referral program!

Daily Tasks

Earn cool rewards for completing certain tasks! These reset everyday!


Solve these shortlinks and get 50 Activity Points  including ACP reward for every shortlinks passed. You can do more than one shortlinks at once. Your views reset every midnight.

Paid to click Ads

Earn free claims by watching these advertised sites for few seconds .


Earn lots free claims by doing simple tasks such was watching videos, clicking sites, completing surveys, etc.

After you claim your Auto Claim Points  You can convert it to any crypto From Convert Page

Or use it for Start Auto Faucet 

Select your Favorite Crypto And leave him 


Click on Username at right top corner of page and select ‘Wallet Address’

Select crypto wallet You want to update.

Note: FireFaucet is currently paying to micro wallet. And Direct
You must link Your Bitcoin wallet address to account.

Enter wallet address and click on ‘Save changes’

For any question feel free and contact us

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